Tuesday, 3 January 2012

In Amritsar

In Amritsar, Punjab we were spending time there having Christmas and we went on and supposed to be 5 hour train ride but no it was a 7 hour train ride because of the fog and stopping. Plus the toilets weren't an ordinary toilet it had a hole at the bottom so it just went onto the railway tracks! Eww! Plus it got even worser and somebodys' number 2 was on the toilet lid! Any way we arrived at about 2 or 3 ish in the night pm and guess what we sore a cat ! it is rare because cats are badluck. Brum brum on the people mover going to a hotel because we can't stay at the orphanage because they haven't even built the roof so we had our family Christmas in a hotel then the whole family in the orphanage without the orphans but before we did that we did church.